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We create websites in the WordPress content management system (CMS). All WordPress sites start with a template. The template controls the design of the site. Some people hear the word template and think that everyone will have the exact same look to their site if is made from a template, but the templates we use are so customizable and have so many options built in to them, that duplicate sites are not a problem.

We partner with Yootheme and Elegant Themes for most of our templates.

When looking for a consignment sale website template, look at the overall look and feel of the pages – images can be swapped, colors can be changed (however, template code changes cost extra). Be sure to look at the inside pages because most of your pages will look like those, not the home page. On the demo sites, they fill in all of the positions available on the template so you can see it fully populated. Likely, your site will not have that much on the page.

There are thousands more templates available if you don’t like any of the ones linked here. Let us know and we will help you find something that will work for your consignment sale website.

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